Hoteles BESTPRICE has completed the acquisition of a new hotel establishment in Barcelona, bringing its portfolio to a total of 10 hotels. The new property, which is now operational, adds 18 rooms to the chain and is the fourth hotel in the city of Barcelona. The transaction was valued at €1.5 million (1,500,000€), and the new establishment has been named BESTPRICE Barcelona Stadium. Located in the tech district of Les Corts in Barcelona, the hotel is just a 2-minute walk from FC Barcelona’s Spotify Camp Nou, the club’s museum, and all the sports facilities. Additionally, the Les Corts neighborhood offers a wide range of dining options and excellent transportation connections throughout the city.

In the past year, the hotel chain’s investments have soared to record levels, aiming to double its EBITDA by 2026 and reach €10 million in revenue. The chain is currently developing three new hotel projects in Madrid, Málaga, and Barcelona to expand its business. It closed 2023 as the best year in its history with 6 operational hotels and a record net revenue of €5,462,000, compared to €4,220,427 in the previous year. It expects to reach €7 million in revenue in 2024.

Hoteles BESTPRICE is listed on EURONEXT PARIS, and the financial institutions CaixaBank, BBVA, Sabadell, DEGIRO, Openbank, ActivoBank, and Interactive Brokers support Hoteles BESTPRICE with stock market brokerage on EURONEXT PARIS. The company’s ISIN code is ES0105664009, and its ticker symbol on EURONEXT PARIS is MLHBP.

Oscar Sánchez, president of Hoteles BESTPRICE, stated, “We are very happy to announce our new hotel in Barcelona on our tenth anniversary. It is the result of the tremendous work of all the professionals in our company. The enthusiasm of our magnificent team leads us to embrace the coming years with overflowing commitment and vigorous professionalism, making the new hotel in Madrid our flagship due to its spectacular quality, design, and magnitude. Our deluxe stay proposition combines modernity, excellence, comfort, and supreme quality from our human team.”

Hoteles BESTPRICE is a new boutique hotel chain that has entered the hotel industry market with an innovative, unique, exclusive, and highly attractive concept for all customers, presenting an appealing growth model for investors. The chain offers the best hotel stay prices with deluxe rooms and first-class service from the Reception team, with modern design facilities and agile, personalized, and professional service from a highly trained Guest Services team. It now operates seven boutique establishments: BESTPRICE Diagonal and BESTPRICE Gracia in Barcelona, BESTPRICE Madrid Alcalá, BESTPRICE Girona, BESTPRICE Valencia, the newly inaugurated BESTPRICE Santillana del Mar, and the new BESTPRICE Barcelona Stadium.