The hotel chain expands its portfolio of hotels and lands in Cantabria with its first establishment in Santillana del Mar.

February 19, 2024. Hoteles BESTPRICE announces the addition of its new hotel in Santillana del Mar to its portfolio, one of Spain’s most historically and artistically significant towns, to the point that everything in it is a monument.

The new BESTPRICE Santillana del Mar hotel is the sixth operational hotel in the hotel chain and is the result of a complete renovation of a historic manor house in the town, which houses the Altamira cave protected as a World Heritage Site and is considered the «Sistine Chapel of Quaternary art.» In the well-preserved historic center, the Collegiate Church of Santillana del Mar, dating back to the 12th century, stands out.

Hoteles BESTPRICE acts as the operator of the hotel establishment and implies the expansion of the chain in Cantabria, where it is studying the next incorporation and promotion of new hotels, especially in the city of Santander.

The building housing the new BESTPRICE hotel was built in the 20th century following the lines of typical mountain houses in the area. It has been renovated by Lar10, a company dedicated to comprehensive renovation in Santander, who has transformed a typical mountain-style house into a beautiful boutique hotel in record time, preserving the characteristics of the building and skillfully blending a Nordic style inside with all its original carpentry that has been fully restored. Located in the Revolgo park of Santillana del Mar, it is equipped with an aerothermal system that combines efficiency and respect for the environment.

The new 2-star hotel offers the best hotel stay prices with deluxe rooms in the town of Santillana del Mar, with a modern design of the facilities and agile, personalized, and professional service from Hoteles BESTPRICE.

The company has good growth prospects for the whole of 2024, with revenue growth exceeding 30% compared to the previous year. Occupancy rates reached nearly 100% in 2023, and it predicts good quarters ahead due to the strong demand for reservations received.

Hoteles BESTPRICE is listed on EURONEXT PARIS, and banking entities CaixaBank, BBVA, Sabadell, Openbank, ActivoBank, and Interactive Brokers support BESTPRICE Hotels with stock brokerage on EURONEXT PARIS.

The company’s ISIN code is ES0105664009, and the company’s initials on EURONEXT PARIS are MLHBP.

In words of Oscar Sánchez, president of Hoteles BESTPRICE, «the project grows in Cantabria hand in hand with local partners that will allow us to expand the hotel chain with new projects in Santander and throughout the Cantabrian coast. Very happy and tremendously excited about the new hotel in Santillana del Mar, an icon of the towns of Spain in terms of its beauty, culture, history, and gastronomy. Our proposal for deluxe stays combines modernity, excellence, comfort, and supreme quality from our human team, and we hope to offer the best of ourselves to our new local partners who have welcomed us with a spectacular reception and support.»

Hoteles BESTPRICE is a new boutique hotel chain that breaks into the hotel restoration market with an innovative, unique, exclusive, and very attractive concept for all customers, and with an attractive growth model for investors. They offer the best hotel stay prices with deluxe rooms and first-class service from the Reception team, with modern facilities and agile, personalized, and professional service from a highly trained Guest Services team. It has six boutique establishments, BESTPRICE Diagonal and BESTPRICE Gracia, both in the city of Barcelona, BESTPRICE Madrid Alcalá, BESTPRICE Girona, BESTPRICE Valencia, and the newly opened BESTPRICE Santillana del Mar.