• February 1st. Opening of the BESTPRICE Santillana del Mar Hotel



  • December. License for new BESTPRICE Hotel in Málaga
  • December. License for new BESTPRICE Hotel in Barcelona
  • September 14th: Record score on Booking for the BESTPRICE Alcalá Hotel: 9
  • July 27th. Opening of the BESTPRICE Valencia Hotel
  • May 29: Hoteles BESTPRICE approves the payment of dividends, first Spanish listed hotel company since pandemic
  • triples its EBITDA and reaches €1,550,000, with a record operating margin of 36.7% and net sales of €4.2 million in 2022
  • March 15: Hoteles BESTPRICE triples its EBITDA and reaches €1,550,000, with a record operating margin of 36.7% and net sales of €4.2 million in 2022
  • March 1: Hoteles BESTPRICE presents its new hotel establishment in Madrid. The 6th of the hotel chain and the second in the capital
  • February 1: Hoteles BESTPRICE presents its new hotel establishment in Valencia with an opening scheduled for the 2nd quarter of this 2023



  • October 6: Start of listing on EURONEXT. CAPITALIZATION of €20,400,000. First price: €1 per share.
  • September: Approval by EURONEXT for the listing of Hoteles BESTPRICE on the Paris Stock Market
  • June: Transformation of S.L. a Limited Company of Hoteles BESTPRICE.
  • May: Score Booking Hoteles BESTPRICE
    • Hotel BESTPRICE Madrid Alcalá: 8,9  FANTASTIC
    • Hotel BESTPRICE Girona: 8,7  FANTASTIC
    • Hotel BESTPRICE Barcelona Gracia: 8,9  FANTASTIC
    • Hotel BESTPRICE Barcelona Diagonal 8,5  VERY GOOD
  • April: Monthly occupancy record in 2022: 98,5%




  • May: Inauguration on May 1 of the Hotel BESTPRICE Girona, 51 rooms.
  • November: Decision of the Shareholders’ Meeting to go public on the EURONEXT Paris market for the year 2022.
  • Record of the annual Occupancy ratio in the BESTPRICE MADRID ALCALÁ: 90.38%



  • Reopening of all hotels after the COVID-19 pandemic
  • September: Opening of the new BESTPRICE Madrid Alcalá Hotel, 50 rooms.
  • 29 October. First FULL of the BESTPRICE Madrid Alcalá hotel (in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic).




  • September: Financing agreement with Caixabank for an amount of €2,850,000.


  • January: Record monthly Occupancy ratio for the month of January: 98.44% in the BESTPRICE Diagonal and 95.56% in the BESTPRICE Gracia.
  • March: Acquisition of real estate in Madrid for a new establishment.
  • September: Contract signing for a new establishment located in Girona.
  • November: Entry of building license file in Girona and Madrid.


  • January: Occupancy of 95% during the year 2016.


  • June: US market prospecting begins.
  • August Score Booking Hotel BESTPRICE Diagonal 8.4
  • Record occupancy June to September: 98.5% in both hotels


  • January: % of direct bookings over sales in 2014 on the web: 19.17%
  • February: Financing agreement with LA CAIXA (Caixabank)
  • July: Opening of the Hotel BESTPRICE Gracia (4 months of construction)


  • January: Start of operational activity of HOTELS BESTPRICE S.L.
  • April: Opening of the first establishment. Hotel BEST PRICE Diagonal
  • June: Signing contract of adhesion to the World Mobile Congress. The only hotel of its category
  • September: MONTHLY record occupancy ratio: 98% and RevPar (Revenue per available room): €75.72
  • RevPar 1 semester April-September: €70.95
  • October High season of 2014. April- October. Occupancy Rate: 97%
  • November: Signing of the contract for the new BESTPRICE Gracia Hotel
  • December 2014. Annual Occupancy Ratio: 92.67%


  • July Constitution of Hotel Diagonal Mar Suites S.L.
  • November Change of company name to HOTELES BESTPRICE S.L.